High performance team & leadership coach. Author of Is This A Question?

Is This A Question?

Almost anything is possible when you and your teams ask exceptional questions.

Every SME leader knows they need to tap into the ingenuity and wisdom of their teams to find new answers. But too frequently they’re frustrated that even their brightest people and strongest teams are trapped in status quo and groupthink.

At a time when fresh, clear and purposeful thinking is essential to thriving in in a fast-changing world, ‘Is This A Question?’ shows how routinely asking exceptional questions leads to fresh insight and breakthrough thinking.

With this book you will:
• Improve your questioning by following 5 simple rules
• Use freeing questions to reliably surface the exceptional questions needed to unlock any situation
• Release insight and breakthrough thinking in teams with a step-by-step guide to create exceptional Questioning Environments™
• Generate advantage by actioning every insight

Ben Wales is a coach to entrepreneurial CEOs and their senior teams. Originally a rocket scientist for the UK’s equivalent of NASA, Ben pivoted into a 19-year career running and growing start-up and scale-up companies in entrepreneurial hotspots London and Stockholm. Today, in his coaching practice, Ben focuses on individual and team high performance.

He developed the Questioning Environment approach to stimulate the quality of thinking that leads to breakthrough and accelerates success in his highest performing clients.